[newly discovered letter (this and next three)]

April 7, 1919 to Mother.

We’ve had a week of fine spring weather and everybody is feeling much better after the rotten weather all through March. The trees are coming out fast and in a week or two more [?] Paris will have arrived at it’s most beautiful time of year—May and June here make one forget the rotten weather of the winter.

Nothing of particular interest with me except I am afraid our mess is going to break up and I’ll have to go back to hotel life for which don’t care at all. Our rent is now just 80 per cent higher than when we took the apartment and with the added cost of living it’s difficult to get new officers to fill new vacancies because the tenure of most of us on any job over here now is more or less uncertain and a man doesn’t like to tie himself up with the responsibilities of an apartment. However, we may decide to give up one of our two apartments and keep going in the other one with only half the number.

Now that the weather is getting fine expect in the next week or two to take an auto trip up to the Belgian border and [covering/camaing?] Soissons and some of the other parts of the old front which I haven’t seen. My office has some [few???] claims and requisitions up that way to clear up and have been waiting a little until the weather should be decent enough to go.

See from the morning paper that the House Committee on Military Affairs is coming over on an investigation trip so guess I’ll see Sam Nicholls among them.

Haven’t heard anything more of Gov. Manning so guess he hasn’t yet reached Paris.

Hope you are all well

Love to all,


[on the back in his mother’s hand]  Think you had seen this letter but Bell had not. Mother.

[full transcription underway]

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