March 30,1919 to Mother.

Handwritten. “never seem to get time during office hours so guess you’ll have to try my handwriting for a change.”

“I put on my third service stripe this week for 18 months in France and it looks as if I’ll have still another before I get back across the water.”

He decries “rotten weather” which must contrast still with his stint along the “Riviera a month ago” and, he writes, “it’s getting a bit tiresome.”  Much like last winter, he anticipates spring, “and then it is really pleasant to be in Paris when the nice weather arrives.”  He wants to get down to Fontainebleau. “We don’t work now on Saturday afternoons and Sundays so that gives one a little more chance to get around.”

“Had lunch as usual on Saturday with my old friend M. Pellerin and took him afterwards to the [AEF championship football] game to show him how American Football looked—he took quite an interest in it and I think enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“Had dinner at the Embassy Thursday night…. The Sharpes are leaving the 12th of this month and am sorry to see them go as have had some very pleasant times at the Embassy this winter.”

“Bert France had a letter full of Spartanburg news this week. …. Hope also to see Governor Manning when he gets here.”

[full transcription underway]

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