American Expeditionary Forces [Printed letterhead]

Hq. District of Paris A.P.O. 702 Dec 28, 1918

January 5, 1918 [1919 based on envelope and context]


Dear Mabel:-

Your Xmas package containing the socks and chiclets reached me alright this week, many thanks for same. Will drop a note to each of the ladies who knitted the socks.

Had a good days hunting last Sunday, being fortunate enough to kill one of the two deer which the party got. It was a welcome change from office work to get out in the open all day. Went down with the same crowd is in October to their club about fifty miles south of Paris. They are all Frenchman who speak no English and I heard not a word of English from morning until night.

Guess your friend Miss Coker is in town but haven’t been able to get in touch with her yet. However, expect to go down to the Hotel Continental this afternoon if I am still unable to reach her by telephone this morning.

Had a good New Year’s Eve, going to an all American dance which was set up by some of the Air Service crowd. The girls were Y.M.C.A., Red Cross, telephone operators and nurses with a few of the newspaper women who are here with the Peace Commission. Really had more fun at this affair than at any other dance I’ve been to for we had also a real American jazz band furnishing the music.

We’re having a bunch of rotten weather now, raining most of the time and the Seine is very high, higher according to the papers than it has been since the flood of 1910 but there is still some distance to go before it reaches the mark it got to that time. No very cold weather here yet however.

Hope you are well and the “flu” epidemic is finished-

Love to all,



Thomas C. Montgomery [signed]

Thomas C. Montgomery

Capt. A.S.C., U.S.A.




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