Hotel Letterhead                   Miami Florida Wednesday 191[9]]

[January 5, envelope]

Dear Mother:

Have put off writing each day, thinking that I would know definitely about my leave and only found out yesterday afternoon. Don’t know what day you will get off on, but it will be early next week as have to wait until the boy, who is on leave from our squadron, gets back and I am not sure which day it will be.

I have got to go to Washington as that is the only place I can get any information about what we are to do in the future and also to see about getting away from here and last but not least to see about my junior grade lieutenancy as have finally been recommended for promotion. James Matthews is giving me letters to several of his friends who are in charge of the aviation branch and he advises me strongly to go as Washington is the only place that knows anything. As far as my lung goes had it thumped again last week and it is entirely well and I have a half inch more chest expansion than I have ever had before.

Have been pretty high several times lately and haven’t had the slightest ill effects. That last leave was just what I needed to help my flying, as guess I was getting pretty stale, while now I am better than ever before.

A big navy dirigible and three flying boats are due here today en route from Rockaway, N.Y. to Pensacola. Bet that big “blimp” created some excitement along the coast as it is a big seven passenger one and 300 feet long.

Miami is all up on its ear now as a few of the rich people who live along the shore near the station are trying to have it moved away as they say the noise of the planes disturbs them.

They had a mass meeting of the citizens Monday night and fixed up a petition asking for the retention of the station and told the men who object if the fuss worries them to move away. Morning paper is in favor of the retention while the afternoon paper is for removal so they are slinging mind and a great rate. We are sitting tight in neutral and enjoying the fight.

We are living down on our little house boat now and like it a lot. It’s a good thing we got it as everything, both rooms, food, and clothes are out of sight.

West Summers, Mrs. Tenhet’s nephew, is down here for his health and he has been very ill with pneumonia and asthma. He surely has had a tough time as his kid brother was killed in France last [year] and then Mr. Summers died while I was home. West was a year ahead of me at Wofford.

The weather here continues horrible. Two moving picture concerns have been here since Xmas waiting on some clear weather to take pictures. Today is the first fair day since December and also the first one that I haven’t worn either my overcoat or raincoat. I think South Carolina has it all over Miami for a climate

I am sending some pictures of myself on a boat. Also some to Bell and Kate. Will see you sometime next week.

Love to all,


P.S. I am using hotel stationery as it is the only thing free in Miami.

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