Monty seems caged in a job that he can’t escape. Nearly a year ago on November 11, the war ended. Now Monty plays the janitor after the performance, cleaning up as the show closes: the curtain goes down, the audience leaves, the actors retire out of sight.



November 7th, 1919 to Mother

Had expected to be going to Brest three or four days from now but have again been disappointed and won’t get away until after the 25th. Thought I was all set to go but when I asked Colonel Winship for my orders yesterday he said he would have to hold me until the 25th. The reason is that on the 25th becomes effective a new agreement with the French Government by which they assume most of our claims from that time on and we’ve got a grand finishing job to do before that date. Am rather disappointed as had my plans all made but guess two weeks more doesn’t matter so much as I’ll be home well before Xmas anyhow. Will probably sail about Dec. 1st from Antwerp as Brest will be discontinued after Nov. 15th and this will give me the brief look at Belgium that I’ve been wanting for some time. If for any reason they try to hold me after that date will cable you and Horace should know some of our Senators or Representatives who could have my return requested by the War Department. Really Sam Nicholls would be the best one to do it as he is on the Military Affairs Committee of the House and I know him well personally and think he’d be glad to do it. However, the Colonel and I had quite a bit of plain conversation about the matter the other days and I don’t think there’s any chance he’ll refuse to let me go on the 25th.

Nothing particularly exciting since my last letter. Winter weather has set in much to my disgust. We had a fair bit of snow last Saturday and Sunday and this week it has been raining and cold most of the time. Last night in a little restaurant where I often eat ran into two American businessmen from the Middle West with their wives who were over for the first time. They were struggling with the bill of fare and the waiter when I intervened and helped them out and they were most grateful, thinking it wonderful that an American could understand and make himself understood among “these Frogs” as they called them.

You will probably receive this about the 21st, just as I’d expected to be landing in New York so will not cable you this time nor until I’m just about to leave.

Love to all,



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