Letterhead: [Knights of Columbus: crossed American flags and KoC symbol. on active service with american expeditionary forces a.p.o._____ date:_____”]

Jan 17, 1919

Dear Mrs. Montgomery and all the folks at home.

Mother said she received a letter from you and wish to thank you for same. Have written twice to you but I guess the mail has been lost otherwise I think I would have received word from you. Our division was engaged in one battle and that was on the Meuse sector between Metz and Verdun Nov. 9, 10 & 11 when the Armistice was signed. The boys seemed very happy over the news. For two nights and days we were helping the wounded off the field. The band as a whole was mustered in the Medical Corps and served as stretcher bearers. After we left the field we went on a sixteen day hike with full equipment which was very weary and tiresome. We are now resting in the town called Laignes[1]. Our Billets are very good but nothing compares to the bed we slept in while at your home. Very sorry to say Mr. Kenny the other boy that stayed at your home is in the hospital. He was always worrying about home and he went out of his mind. He always said to me if you write to Mrs Montgomery please give her my regards. Have seen a great many small towns of France but as yet I haven’t seen much of the important cities. The band had their pictures taken on few days again and will enclose one[2] of them in this letter. Voigt Band Photo 021519_Page_1Often I think of Mr. and Mrs. Tilghman also baby. They were so very kind to me that I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Would be more than pleased to have hear from them. I was very sorry that I hadn’t written sooner to you but I guess you know how we boys have to work around. In this town the lights are out most of the time and at present I’m writing this letter by an candle light. Have not been feeling very well for the last week or so having colds and chills.

Thanking you again for your kindness shown to this boy.


Your Friend

[unreadable/rank?] Henry Voigt

322nd Infantry Band

U.S.A.P.O. 791

Amex Ex. Forces

[Envelope with Knights of Columbus return address box, “Soldiers Mail” penciled in upper right corner, “OK Censor” and signature and seal in lower left corner, addressed to Mrs. W.J. Montgomery, Marion, S.C. postmarked Jan 20, 1919, forwarded to St. George Hotel, St. Augustine, Fla. Postmark Feb 20, 1919.]

[1] Village in Burgundy between Paris and Dijon of about 1000 inhabitants in 1919.

[2] enclosed

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