Transcribed letter in full


Hq. U.S. Troops, A.P.O. 702

OCT. 8th, 1918.


Dear Mother: —

Am snatching a moment after lunch before starting to work again to drop you a line. Haven’t had time for several days to do any writing of letters except for business ones.

Had another letter from you last week but forgot the number. Should be due some more any day now as am a little behind with home mail.

Was busy Sunday moving my offices up to a new location[1] which is more desirable all round. Look right out my office window at the Arc de Triomphe, and it’s only a five minute walk from our apartment so it’s both beautiful and convenient.

Everybody here is discussing the German peace offer and the idea here is, as it seems to be in the States that we should give them no terms but unconditional surrender. We can force them to this anyhow in a very few months and it’s much better to go on that much longer than to accept any halfway proposition now.

But have got to get to work again so will try to write you a decent letter in a day or two.

Love to all,


Thomas C. Montgomery

2nd Lt. Inf. U.S.A.

[1] Probably 7, Rue de Tilsitt—a block from the Arc de Triomphe—an address he uses later in writing letters from his office.

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