August 14, 1918 to Mother.

He begins “guess your letters missed the boat.”

“Nothing special with me the last week.” The weather has been “so fine that one wants to be outside all the while instead of sticking over a desk.” He’s still looking forward to vacation on the coast and “would like to pry loose one of these seven day leaves but wouldn’t have the heart to ask for one these days as everybody on staff work is too busy with A.E.F. growing as it is.”

“Had this French friend…to dinner last night.” He was “pleased as a child over the white bread we had.” Monty claims to like the French brown bread just as well or better “but the idea of white bread after four years surely pleases them.”

He reports that all are “pleased with progress on the front” and assumes so much progress has been made that “This last push seems to have got somewhere close to where they had the Big Bertha for we haven’t had any dropping in the city since they put on this last show.”

“George Norris from Columbia was in town one day last week and he and Henry Bouchier[1] and I had dinner together and a great time reminiscing and swapping news. George and I were in the same company at Oglethorpe last summer and got to be quite good friends there. Both asked to be remembered to Kate and hoped she was well over her operation by this time.”

[1] Graduated in a “Special Course A.M.” from Wofford the same year as Monty. Picture is with the “Senior Class” in the yearbook

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