November 26, 1917

Dear Mabel –

Since writing mother yesterday from this neighboring city came back to camp and found your letter of Oct. 26th, enclosing the kodak pictures, and surely enjoyed it. All the home news looked mighty good to me.

Glad to hear Kenley has got into aviation finally and feel sure he will find it congenial. There are several aviation camps in this vicinity and several machines are in sight most of the time.

You ask whether I am in France but suppose you know by now I am and have been here since Oct. 6th. Some of my letters should have reached you soon after my letter from the place where I landed. Hope, as aforesaid, that you got one of my letters about cigars and that some will soon reach me. Other things for my comfort I can buy here as well as at home. Wish you would include with this box of cigars a week 2 or 3 packages of Prince Albert tobacco for my pipes.

Sorry to hear your farm sale was not satisfactory and hope you will find a good sale this winter.

[Carl’s letter to Mabel concludes here with no closing salutation. Missing pages?]

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