– October 30, 1917

Dear Mother –

Haven’t written earlier this time as there has been nothing of interest to record which would get by the censor. Have continued well and I am getting pretty tough physically again after my two months of idleness. Spent Sunday in a neighboring city and while there witnessed the first snowfall of the winter – it snowed heavily all morning but very little stuck owing to the fact it had been raining all the night before. Have become pretty well accustomed to this French weather by now and don’t mind its dampness any more. Got myself a pair of high laced leather boots two weeks ago and haven’t been bothered with cold or wet any more. They are much better than anything I have seen in the States – Frank would find a pair of such boots great for his hunting expeditions.

Hope you are all well and everything is right with you. No mail from home received yet.

Love to all,



O.K. Thomas C. Montgomery,

2nd Lieut. Inf. U.S.R.

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