[Monty is three years out of law school and has just closed down his budding law practice.  His college debts are a hurdle now exacerbated by a military obligation.  We may learn more in future letters.]

May 30, 1917 [envelope postmark]

Tuesday Night

Dear Mother,

In writing you Sunday I forgot to mention the fact that I will have to renew before next Tuesday note at the Central National which you will remember endorsing for me when in Spartanburg at commencement last year. [Kenley graduation?]

The money was borrowed to pay Mr. Lide some interest on what I owe him for my last year in law school. I have made out the new note and am enclosing same herewith. To save time, after endorsing it, wish you would forward it directly to the Central National. I am writing them to say that the note is coming forward through you. The old note which this was to replace was for the same amount but I paid the interest on it before leaving Spartanburg leaving an even $108.00 due.

Very little news except hard work since I wrote Sunday. We have holiday tomorrow and expect to get in town and look up Frank’s[1] friends and should find them in their offices at this time. Will write again Sunday as usual.

With love,


[1] Brother in law, Frank Broadnax, husband of Monty’s sister Kate Montgomery Broadnax?

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